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The Yale International Alliance Education Impact Group has started a collaboration with PERLAB, a Laboratory of Psychology, Emotions & Research – a Spin-off of the University of Florence that works in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. This collaboration will bring forth several projects over the coming twelve months. The first project is called YIA Mobile Emotional ClinicTM.

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In addition, as part of our Common Room series, we are offering an open platform to discuss matters of Education. Therefore, YIA Education in Action invites Yale Alum educators across the globe to an ongoing conversation about the status quo of education and their vision of a curriculum that bridges the gap between current deficits within their communities and their vision for the future of their communities. The following questions drive us, though the list of questions is not to be understood as exhaustive.

What does it mean for K-16 students, lifelong learners, and teachers to be global citizens in a world marked by binarism and opposition? How do we foster curiosity in learning, reading, and critical thinking in a world where knowledge is re-produced by AI? What does it mean to create culturally sustaining pedagogical environments? How does social-emotional learning enable democratic participation and agency for K-16 students and lifelong learners in developing their individual and communal learning environments? What are meaningful methods of information delivery and effective curricula for learning environments that foster proactive democratic engagement within and across societies and cultures? What human skills do K-16 students and lifelong learners need to create their and their communities’ paths forward? 

We deeply believe in universal humanism as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the role education plays in this declaration. We will start each common room with some fodder for thought on a controversial question, then split up in break-out rooms according to the age group you want to focus on, and come back towards the end to share our thoughts.

We will start March 11 and have recurring meetings every two weeks, except for the easter weekend. Our times are Saturdays (March 11, March 25, April 15, April 29, May 13, May 27) at 2PM PST | 5PM EST | 11PM CET | Tokyo/Beijng 6AM | Auckland, New Zealand, 10AM | Sydney, Australia 8AM. Please reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the conversation. You can sign-up for this common room also directly here until March 6.

YIA Mobile Emotional ClinicTM

PERLAB, Florence’s chapter of the Italian Red Cross, and Yale International Alliance have joined a collaboration to fund Mobile Emotional Clinics. A November 10, 2022 fundraiser in Florence, Italy, at Galleria Pananti was very successful. Please visit the page dedicated to this project here and find out more the state of the project.

Yale Alumni Educators and YIA Education in Action

Yale Alumni Educators are a recent Shared Interest Group, co-founded by several Yale alums from across the United States and Europe. At YIA Education in Action, we promote events that are organized by Yale Alumni Educators and vice versa. Please look at our calendar to find the most recent events.

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