Welcome to YIA Mobile Emotional ClinicTM. Laura Artusio of PERLAB initiated the project YIA Mobile Emotional Clinic. PERLAB is a Laboratory of Psychology, Emotions & Research – a Spin-off of the University of Florence that works in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Laura Artusio started a collaboration between PERLAB, the Croce Rossa Italiana – Comitato di Firenze (Red Cross Italy – Chapter in Florence, Tuscany), and Yale International Alliance to bring to life the YIA Mobile Emotional ClinicTM.

The project sets out to bring medical care and psychological support to people in need. Doctors and psychologists of the Red Cross will operate the first Mobile Emotional Clinic. The healthcare staff on board at the Mobile Emotional Clinic will be trained, free of charge, by the team at PERLAB and will learn how to apply emotional intelligence to manage stress and emergency situations. The Mobile Emotional Clinic will be equipped with medical equipment, such as ultrasound scanners, ECGs, oxygen cylinders, isothermal cloths, glucose tests, aspirators, drugs, etc., allowing people to receive first aid assistance. In addition, the Mobile Emotional Clinic will have videos, books, games, evidence-based psychological support materials, and tools for dealing with emotional stress and traumatic events on board.

The first fundraiser for this project took place on November 10, 2022, 12-2 p.m. EST. For this event, in addition to the three project partners above, Galleria Pananti, Scaramuzzi Team, Confindustria Firenze, have been brought in by Laura. This fundraiser was an auction hosted at Galleria Pananti, a historic and famous auction house in Florence, Italy. The auction, entitled LUXURY & EMOTIONS 100%, called on anyone interested in giving to a charity while buying Christmas presents early. The objects in the auction have been sourced from Florentine and Tuscan artisans and are offered at 50% of their market value. 100% of the auction’s proceeds will go toward YIA Mobile Emotional ClinicTM.

Our vision for YIA Mobile Emotional ClinicTM

PERLAB, Croce Rossa Italiana – Comitato di Firenze, and Yale International Alliance will continue to raise funds for more than one Mobile Emotional Clinic. For the first Mobile Emotional Clinic, we focus our efforts on Ukraine.

Our bold aim for the coming year is to fund a Mobile Emotional Truck, which will be operated by doctors and psychologists of the Red Cross, offering surgery as well as emergency interventions for the body and soul because we believe that bringing emotional intelligence into action is the key to #Make-A-Difference.

What can you do?

Please get in touch with us via our get-involved page to ask what we need, offer contacts and services, or express your interest in getting more involved with us. You can also use our donate button to contribute financially to YIA Mobile Emotional Clinic.

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