The Yale International Alliance (YIA), a shared interest group of the Yale Alumni Association, unites Yalies who seek to address local and global challenges through the lens of international perspectives and diverse experiences. With heavy hearts, we denounce the mass killings that occurred in Atlanta on March 17, 2021 as innocent lives were shortened by a self-absorbed shooter’s inability to recognize the humanity in people, regardless of race or ethnicity. 

As global citizens, we stand with all innocent victims of racial hatred and misogyny against the rising tide of violence and harassment. We stand for social justice against injustice. We stand for love against hate, with compassion to heal those in despair. We look to the future when Americans are celebrated for their diverse backgrounds rather than face discrimination based on superficial features and ignorant stereotypes. For this reality to occur, we must stand united in our efforts to combat racism and xenophobia. 

YIA wholeheartedly supports Yalies and global citizens to create solutions for deep-rooted challenges in our society. We must continue to use our collective strengths to make the world a better place for all.

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