Humanitarian Benefit Concert (online) for the People of Ukraine by Yale Russian Chorus

The Yale Clubs in Asia are putting together an online humanitarian non-political benefit concert for the people of Ukraine featuring the Yale Russian Chorus. See The concert will last around 45-55 minutes. A member of the YRC will introduce each musical piece and its historical and cultural context.

The YRC is a tenor-bass a cappella choral ensemble specializing in sacred and secular Slavic choral music. Chorus members comprise both undergrad and grad students.

Founded in 1953, the Yale Russian Chorus has a long history of building direct people to people friendship bridging across national and political silos, distrust, ignorance and barriers such as the Iron Curtain, Cold Wars and Hot Wars.

The YRC repertoire spans over a thousand years of history and multiple continents: Russian Folk Songs (Kalinka, The Legend of the Twelve Brigands), Cossack marches (Oi, Na Hory, Vyotsa), Slovak lullabies (Hej, Pada Pada), Macedonian Wedding Songs (Ne Sedi, Djemo), Liturgical music (Blazhen Muzh, Bogoroditse Devo), and the occasional American Spiritual (Ride the Chariot, Steal Away).

The chorus has interacted with Ukrainian music cultures and will feature a number of Ukrainian songs in the program, using Music and Culture to transcend national conflicts and captivate audiences to renew and empower our common humanity, tolerance and love that embodies Lux et Veritas, Light and Truth in all of us.

Date: Saturday April 30, 2022 at 8am New Haven/ET
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